Meet dr. arzu kabarukhina

Russian Dr. of Parapsychology, Valeologist.

Author of Russian book about Numerology, teacher of Numerology and Chiromancy

You can see her Diplomas (but most of them in Russian) here

Here is her UK Accreditation as valeologist:


we invite you to participate our open meeting with dr. arzu kabarukhina in israel
31|08 17:00
Free Entrance (need registration for event) 

Main language: Russian

Translation in English will be available 


1/09     BAT-YAM

Short programm:

Number as language of God. What he wanted to say and how is possible to decode this language

What the Karma is? Reasons and effect. Organic memory. The Highest of "Me"

Rate and vibrations of numbers. Short interpretation

Learning how to calculate your own "Code of life" and "Karma code". What is it? How it works? And how it can help you to solve some situations with family/money/selfdevelopment/romantic relationship

2/09    BAT-YAM

Short programm:

Ancient knowledge at your own palm in reference to cerebral Impact for left and right hemispheres. Story about Lenya and Polina

Why we need that knowledge which are preserved in our hands. How we can use them and use for improvement our own life and people around

Differents between Main and Mental Palms

Lenght of fingers

Lines and signs at the palm. How they get into our processes of life.

Influence of psychosomatic  situation on your life

How it possible to change your life using "Correction way in Chiromancy". Rules of Karma and Mental Palm.  


Private consultation

To book a private consultation with Dr. Arzu Kabarukhina(55min) in Bat-Yam(Israel) call us: 054-219-85-87 or Fill the Form